HallsHeeler's first litter of Australian Cattle Dog Pups!
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Puppies Due Feb 20th-25th - Available Apr/May 2015

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Puppies Born Feb; Available April/May 2015.

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9 ACD Puppies Ready For Homes Now

Hall’s Heeler’s  have 9 Pups for Homes NOW!

Leaving us from May 1st, 2015

We are proud to announce that our first matings of Tallawong Lavenda Snow (Endy) and Tanburra Chamber Music (Casey) with our stud dog Pavesi Red Lord (Red) in December 2014 has produced 11 beautiful Blue Australian Cattle Dog Pups, which are now due to find their forever homes.

Of these 9 puppies still available there are 4 which may be placed on the main register for registered breeders only. 1 bitch and 3 dogs. Their bloodlines and looks would be a great outcross for any lineage wanting strong dogs going back to the early Tallawong (Tamaroon), Pavesi and other strong old lineages. Just email me and I will forward you a copy of the parents pedigrees.

Of the rest there are 5 pet only pups that’ll be placed on the limited register. 3 bitches and 2 dogs. They are looking for pet homes RIGHT NOW! Don’t delay as once I email my waiting list they will be gone quickly I believe.

Q – What do you charge for your pups?
A – Prices are $1650 for male pet quality pups (of which there are 2) and $2200 for female pet quality pups (of which there are 3).

Note: All prices include GST and ALL travel, transportation, import/export fees and other expenses are in addition to the cost of the pup.

All pups are vaccinated (6 week vaccination), vet checked, microchipped (as is law) and tested – baercom (indicative only) and our own hearing test and genetically tested; awaiting some genetic results still.

To backup what we say above we also offer our own unique “Lifetime Genetic Guarantee” on all of our pups sold. Our definition of lifetime is the lifetime of your pup. We have never had a puppy returned to us to claim this guarantee!

Our prices are very reasonable considering the old pure bloodlines that incorporate working and show dogs – we have more than 60+ years of – and the genetic, hearing and health testing we do and the other regulations we as responsible breeders adhere to, just to continue our lineage and try to improve upon it.

If you want anymore information, have any questions, want to be placed on our Priority Notification list or just want a chat about them call me, Brian on 042-773 6661 or on 03 5480 6442.


3 Responses to “9 ACD Puppies Ready For Homes Now”

  1. Samantha Fox says:

    Hi Brian, We are extremely interested in one of your puppies. We are after a family pet so would be de sexed. Please can we be added to your register and notified of availability? We are in Adelaide but are happy to travel to collect puppy.

    Kind regards, Sam Fox

  2. Bill says:

    Brian: Can you send me your email so that I can send you the pedigree, I didn’t see it.



  3. Sebastian Beale says:

    Hi was just wondering if you still had any heelers left from your last litter. Very interested in speaking more about it with you. Please reply ASAP. Thank you

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