HallsHeeler's first litter of Australian Cattle Dog Pups!
See the videos below.
Puppies Due Feb 20th-25th - Available Apr/May 2015

HallsHeeler's - (0407) 674400 or +613 54806442
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Puppies Born Feb; Available April/May 2015.

Checkout >> www.AustralianCattleDogs.com.au
for all info on Australian Cattle Dogs - Blue Heelers.


NEWSFLASH … Puppies Due 20-25th February 2015

NEWSFLASH … HallsHeelers’  have 2 litters
of Australian Cattle Dog pups due February 2015

We have been closely monitoring our two recent additions to the HallsHeeler Australian Cattle Dogs kennel in Tallawong Lavenda Snow (Endy) and Tanburra Chamber Music (Casey) who were mated with our stud dog Pavesi Red Lord (Red) in December 2014. It seems to be (without a Vet’s confirmation) all the signs are positive that we will be having two litters of pups. Finally!!

Stay tuned for more information as it happens.

Q – What do you charge for your pups?
A – Prices start at $1650 (incl GST) for pet quality pups (pups that are not to be bred from) on what is known as the limited register and go through to as high as $3850 (incl. GST) for top quality show or breeding pups on the full register. Note that ALL travel, transportation, import/export fees and other expenses are in addition to the cost of the pup.

Our prices are very reasonable considering the old pure bloodlines that incorporate working and show dogs – we have more than 60+ years of – and the genetic, hearing and health testing we do and the other regulations we as responsible breeders adhere to, just to continue our lineage and try to improve upon it. We are NOT puppy farmers!

To backup what we say above we also offer our own unique “Lifetime Genetic Guarantee” on all of our pups sold. Our definition of lifetime is the lifetime of your pup. We have never had a puppy returned to us to claim this guarantee!

If you want anymore information, have any questions, want to be placed on our Priority Notification list or just want a chat about them call me, Brian on 0407 67 44 00 or on 03 5480 6442.


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