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HallsHeeler’s Australian Cattle Dogs Puppy Update #37 – Patty

Australian Cattle Dogs : HallsHeelers Puppy Update #37

25th July 2013

HallsHeeler’s Australian Cattle Dogs Puppy Update #37 taken on the 25th July 2013 at day 85 of life.

Pavesi Red Lord with his last Australian Cattle Dog puppy – Patty. The pup is twelve weeks old and one day.

The puppies’ mother is Maryheather lady Dancer a blue Australian Cattle dog and HallsHeeler foundation bitch.

There are NO Australian Cattle Dog puppies for sale now.

The cost of our Pups is from $1650 Males & $2200 Females
[up to *$3850]

 [See PS below].

All puppies are sold with our unique LIFETIME GENETIC GUARANTEE and 24/7 Registered Breeder Support. You become one of our family!

Read about it on our HallsHeeler lifetime guarantee page here.

Brian :)

PS – * Note – This price depends upon the register requested (purpose for the dog) and so therefore may be less. The pet price is the lesser amount.

PPS – All puppies purchased as pets are required to be desexed as soon as is recommended to be done unless another written arrangement is entered into with us.

HallsHeeler Australian Cattle Dogs Info:

HallsHeeler Australian Cattle Dogs have their foundations in the “Maryheather” Australian Cattle Dog stud from Ballarat, Victoria (a very successful old stud owned by Dan Murphy) and the “Pavesi” Australian cattle dog stud just outside Sydney, NSW (another very successful old stud owned by Stan, Alan and Julie Park. Each of their foundation dogs can be dated back to 1940’s and 1950’s blood lines.

HallsHeeler Australian Cattle Dogs are bred by Brian & Kim Lord based in Echuca, Victoria. All HallsHeeler Australian Cattle Dogs are bred firstly for temperament then for conformity to the ANKC Australian Cattle Dog breed standard (size and purposes as described therein); specifically to be a working cattle dog. HallsHeeler Australian Cattle Dogs are bred to the original “Blue” cattle dog colour which includes a mottling/speckling within the blue colour and have tan colouring on the chest and legs.

A Little Bit Of History:

As noted on www.AustralianCattleDogs.com.au – which is one of the best information sources on Australian Cattle Dogs, period – Australian Cattle Dogs are also regularly, commonly referred to in Australia and overseas as “Heelers”, “Blue Heelers”, “Red Heelers” and sometimes as “Queensland Heelers” or “Smithfield Heelers”. Some also confuse the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog with the Australian Cattle Dog; although it’s origins are the same it is a recognised separate breed as per it’s breed standard.

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