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If you are after a Quality, Purebred, Pedigreed, Blue Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Puppy with a Lifetime Guarantee and Support from a breeder who cares … then … you are at the RIGHT PLACE! Read on…

We Have For Sale ONLY TWO (1F + 1M)

Quality, Purebred, Pedigreed,

Blue Australian Cattle Dog Puppies



Litter Born 1st May, 2013

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The puppies described on this website and page are “Pedigreed”, “Purebred” Blue, Australian Cattle Dog puppies. Top quality Blue Heeler dogs and puppies from old Australian bloodlines.

Some Background History

Lady – the bitch – “Maryheather Lady Dancer”:

General: “Lady” is an integral part of our family and an excellent watch dog for our home and business premises at night; I work from home. She loves lots of walks and running beside me when I go for leisurely ride, keeping up with the smells of the neighbourhood.
Lady is so gentle of nature to her family and our friends. She is absolutely fantastic with our young grand-kids and all other children we’ve had as guests since we’ve had her. You couldn’t specify a better nature for a cattle dog.

She is one of the most gentle Australian Cattle Dogs I’ve ever known and had the privilege to care for over the past 43 years of my involvement with this extremely loyal and faithful breed.

Nature: She has a playful, loving, friendly and caring nature for her family and friends of the family and she is absolutely great with kids (small or large); although I never fully trust ANY dog with little kids. She has had kids from the ages of toddlers through to teenagers around her all the time and has never bitten any of them let alone growled. She has been excellent. She is an excellent watch dog and I have had many comments from people saying they wouldn’t come into our yard if we weren’t home; just what I want to hear.