Lifetime Genetic Defect Guarantee

Our 100% Bullet Proof Guarantee For ALL Our Puppies and Dogs

So confident are we of the Quality of our Registered Blue Australian Cattle Dogs we guarantee the following to ALL Purchasers of our Australian Cattle Dog Puppies.

All dogs have a Lifetime Genetic Defect Money Back Guarantee!

If any dog purchased from us, is EVER found to be defective in hearing*, vocals or sight due to a “Genetic Fault / Gene Fault”. We will reimburse the full cost of the test that proved there is a Genetic /Gene fault with the dog AND the full purchase price of the dog.

To claim this… it is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay to have the dog tested to prove the genetic fault.

The purchaser is then required to…

1) Contact us advising us of the claim and fax or email to us the documents proving the genetic fault or faulty gene. We will then contact the purchaser to arrange a time and place for the reimbursement.

2) At the time of reimbursement the dog MUST be returned to us.

3) At the time of reimbursement provide us with the original documents of the required proof (the test results and any other documents for the dog).

Note: All the above conditions MUST be met to receive reimbursement.


If all of the above conditions have been met by the purchaser we also offer the purchaser – ABSOLUTELY FREE – the option of 2nd pick-of-the-litter (after any agreements we may have with the owner of any dog we use) of any litter next due from any of our breeding bitches if they so desire.

NO OTHER Registered Breeder offers this unique Lifetime Guarantee!

* Unless noted upfront when purchasing.

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